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I’ve become the Mayor of the Eurostar St Pancras Lounge on Foursquare

I wasn’t expecting this, but after a few check-ins I’ve already become Mayor of the Eurostar St. Pancras Lounge on Foursquare. I guess that’s what happens when you commute frequently on the London-Paris route. The only glitch is that …

Pictures of the Eurostar lounge in Paris Gare du Nord

After sneaky pictures of the Eurostar lounge in London, I’ve managed to snatch a few ones during an unplanned long stop in Paris. I prefer taking pictures when there is no one around for privacy reasons, that’s why you don’t see many people. The last picture is my favourite – a full continental breakfast. I … Continue reading

Pictures of the Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

As I mentioned before, the Eurostar lounges in London and Paris are not very useful, because you never arrive early enough to spend time there. With check-in closing 20 mins before and boarding opening 20 minutes before departure, any time-pressured traveller with arrive just at the right time. However, in case of plan change or … Continue reading

Access to Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

Where is the Eurostar lounge in St Pancras? It took me 5 good minutes to find it, and I realized other people had the same problem. In fact, access to the Eurostar lounge in St Pancras is just on the right as you exit from passport check from the Business Premier priority gates (the ones on … Continue reading

No wireless (Wifi) on the Eurostar train, yet

Despite rumours, there is no wifi (wireless network) on Eurostar trains yet. That would be quite useful because due to the speed, the cell phone network keeps disconnecting. At least there is free wifi in the London St Pancras station. Wifi in Paris Gare du Nord is not free, you have to buy some prepaid … Continue reading

Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

After weeks I finally had a chance to use the Eurostar Carte Blanche. I arrived at St. Pancras 30 minutes in advance. No line at check-in, security and immigration, and here I am. Access to the Business Lounge is granted just by showing the Eurostar Carte Blanche even when traveling on a cheap and non … Continue reading

In fact, you don’t need the Eurostar lounge so much

I am frustrated with my Eurostar Carte Blanche, I still haven’t got a chance to use it. In fact, my timing is so accurate that I always arrive at the Eurostar station right when the train starts boarding about 20 minutes in advance. That doesn’t let you much time to relax in the lounge. Now … Continue reading

I received the Eurostar Carte Blanche!

Great surprise today! I have received a nice glossy booklet with a Carte Blanche, the premium card for Eurostar Frequent Travellers. According to the booklet this will will give me unlimited access to the Business Lounges in Paris and London, as well as privileged offers on a range of services. I never trust these privileged … Continue reading

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