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Free wifi (for good) in the Paris Eurostar Business Lounge

They did it! For years, up until last month, anyone wanting to connect to wifi in the Business Lounge in Paris had to request an SFR scratch card to reception, with a limited time 20-minute session. That was hugely time consuming for everyone and often had problems of both quality of service and user experience … Continue reading

Test and review of the Eurostar Mobile apps

This is an edited copy of my original post published on Tnooz.    Following the move of many other travel players, Eurostar has released mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. [Android app | iOS app] Pros nice user experience faster interaction mobile boarding passes officially usable! Cons relies too much on network connectivity no … Continue reading

[guest post] How to consistently get London-Brussels or Brussels-London Eurostar tickets for €49 single

This is a cross post from: Jon Worth – How to consistently get London-Brussels or Brussels-London Eurostar tickets for €49 single I’m a regular traveller on Eurostar, and I often travel onwards from Brussels to Germany by train, so much in fact that I am used to booking tickets of DB’s website. In the past … Continue reading

Eurostar new logo in video

Here it is, Eursotar’s new logo in a full size 3D sculpture at London St Pancras. The perception of a fast train crossing a tunnel is very strong when seeing the sculpture from the side. I have to agree that the printed logo loses much of its pathos and reminds more of a Christmas ribbon … Continue reading

Eurostar new controversial logo and website

Reproduction of my original post on Tnooz: Eurostar gets new website, apps and controversial logo. Eurostar has started the deployment of a new visual identity, due to be rolled out across all products including, obviously, the trains.

5 best office productivity tips ever

I get so many things done in 2 h 20 on the Eurostar, it’s amazing! Reports, worksheets, presentations, everything gets done very efficiently. So I started wondering why is it the case? Here are the answers and the conclusive 5 best office productivity tips ever.

Sites for reselling Eurostar train tickets

Here are two sites were people resell second hand train tickets: – Franceinlondon.com – KelBillet Don’t forget to read the 5 best tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets. And link to the official Eurostar site.  

American touch in the Eurostar bar coach

Apologies in advance for all my American friends. I love you. I just couldn’t resist relating this story. Wednesday evening, last Eurostar train from London to Paris. November. Dimmed lights. Bar coach. A slim, sexy, elegant woman makes her way to the bar. Bostonian accent. Her hand gently holding a visibly pricey leather wallet.

A serious post: SilverRail and rail distribution

When online travel, startups, and rail are mentioned in the same sentence I tend to look closer. Phoenix, Arizona, the Phocuswright conference: the global summit of all online travel industry leaders (but a bit too far from London, this year 😦 ). Covered by Boot’s Tim here and Stephen here and Elliott here, a new … Continue reading

5 best tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets

I’ve updated the page with my best 5 tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets.

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