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Eurostar train Quality of Service

American touch in the Eurostar bar coach

Eurostar bar coach

Oh and please…

Apologies in advance for all my American friends. I love you. I just couldn’t resist relating this story.

Wednesday evening, last Eurostar train from London to Paris. November. Dimmed lights. Bar coach.

A slim, sexy, elegant woman makes her way to the bar. Bostonian accent. Her hand gently holding a visibly pricey leather wallet. A smooth, soft voice addressing the waiter: “I’d like some white wine please, what can you offer?”

Waiter (strong French accent): “Madame, I have white wine for you. Small bottle is OK?”

Lady: “It’s not Chardonnay, is it?”

Waiter: “No Madame, sorry, it’s a white Bordeaux”.

Lady: “Which year?”

Waiter (visibly embarassed): “2009 madame, I am very sorry but it’s the only white wine I can offer you tonight”.

Lady: “It’s fine, thank you. May I pay in pounds?”

Waiter: “Yes you may, madame.”

Lady: “Oh, and a Mars bar”.

(yes the picture above is the real fact)


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