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Free wifi (for good) in the Paris Eurostar Business Lounge

They did it! For years, up until last month, anyone wanting to connect to wifi in the Business Lounge in Paris had to request an SFR scratch card to reception, with a limited time 20-minute session. That was hugely time consuming for everyone and often had problems of both quality of service and user experience … Continue reading

American touch in the Eurostar bar coach

Apologies in advance for all my American friends. I love you. I just couldn’t resist relating this story. Wednesday evening, last Eurostar train from London to Paris. November. Dimmed lights. Bar coach. A slim, sexy, elegant woman makes her way to the bar. Bostonian accent. Her hand gently holding a visibly pricey leather wallet.

Eurostar to the rescue of European flight chaos

Payback time has come. In December 2009, adverse snow conditions had caused a dramatic situation for Eurostar, where several trains lost power and got stuck inside the channel tunnel. Although there were no serious injuries, thousands of passengers got stranded during the critical Christmas season, consumers, media and governments got angry at Eurostar crisis management, … Continue reading

Eurostar Independent Review Report

Following the December 09 Eurostar/Eurotunnel accidents, the independent commission has finally released the “Eurostar Independent Review” (what a funny title, isn’t it?). This is a 90 pages PDF document. It’s also published in French as “L’enquête indépendante Eurostar” (PDF). I haven’t read it in full yet.

Eurostar disruption causes harsh passenger reactions

Severe weather conditions have caused severe Eurostar traffic disruptions over the night. Apparently, entering warm tunnels from icy-cold weather in both France and UK has caused failures – the root point of failure is not yet known. For the first time in Eurostar history, 5 trains have been stranded inside the tunnel. 3 trains have … Continue reading

Steel toecapped boots plays havoc with metal detectors at Eurostar security

In a recent post about Travel to France, blogger Skud shares a tip when traveling on Eurostar. ” Top travelling tip I learned this time: wearing steel toecapped boots plays havoc with the metal detectors at Eurostar security.  Loved the way the guard there waved his wand all over looking to see what set the … Continue reading

Never try… buying Disney tickets on the Eurostar train

I recently discovered Eurostar sells tickets to Disneyland Paris on board. It’s a very cool idea. They claim you can get tickets for 15% discount, which I think is bizarre but I will try to double check. You can also buy Paris’s metro and London’s tube tickets on the train. As usual my curiosity couldn’t … Continue reading

How to recognize rude people travelling on the Eurostar train

Another case of rude person traveling on the Eurostar today. First, for some reason they still haven’t figured out how to mute the cell phone. Second, the ring tone is one of those annoying computerized repetitive beeps as the ones that come by default with most phones to force you to change it. Third, the … Continue reading

Cell phone conversation overheard on the Eurostar

Speaking about using the phone on the Eurostar… I am right now unwillingly overhearing a loud and tough conversation along these terms: “You have done something very bad. I will never forget, if the tables turn around, remember, I don’t forget. I have selected a pool of friends at Credit Suisse and this is really … Continue reading

No wireless (Wifi) on the Eurostar train, yet

Despite rumours, there is no wifi (wireless network) on Eurostar trains yet. That would be quite useful because due to the speed, the cell phone network keeps disconnecting. At least there is free wifi in the London St Pancras station. Wifi in Paris Gare du Nord is not free, you have to buy some prepaid … Continue reading

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