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No there is no on-board entertainment on the Eurostar

Right, some people have asked me how is the on-board entertainment system… in fact there isn’t any. This is maybe the only negative against any airline, although you don’t get fancy entertainment systems on any short or mid haul flights either. People don’t seem to get bored though, a quick count shows that 1 out … Continue reading

Service in Eurostar standard class

Eurostar standard class is very actually very confortable compared to airline standards. All seats are large and with comfortable legroom. Every seat has also a small foldable footrest (except for 8 family seats in the middle of each coach). Each row is made of 4 seats with the aisle in the middle. There are no … Continue reading

Using cell phones on the Eurostar

There is no security or regulatory prohibition to use cell phones inside the Eurostar. Of course, phones don’t work at all when inside the Channel Tunnel. During the rest of the trip the train goes so fast that the phone is not able to maintain a long connection to the network so it is very … Continue reading

Silence on board

Thanks to electric power, the Eurostar is not noisy. However it is not either very silent. The speed and vibrations generate a constant underground noise that is not disturbing, but can be hypnotizing after a while. You can easily have a conversation with the person next to you without having to shout, as opposed to … Continue reading

Food in the Eurostar bar coach… average and expensive

The Eurostar bar coach is quite well stocked with coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, snacks chocolate and other bars, and some hot pre-cooked meals like pizza or pasta. Of course, it is overpriced for the barely acceptable quality, but when you’re stuck inside you don’t have much choice right? You can pay in either Euros or … Continue reading

Service in Eurostar Leisure Select and Business Premier classes

Leisure Select and Business Premier classes in fact are very similar once on board. I suspect they manage seat assignments so that business travelers are on one side and leisure travellers (families, groups…) are on the other, but in terms of service I think it’s the same. Seats are real comfortabel armchairs with large headrests … Continue reading

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