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Eurostar train Quality of Service

Service in Eurostar Leisure Select and Business Premier classes

Leisure Select and Business Premier classes in fact are very similar once on board. I suspect they manage seat assignments so that business travelers are on one side and leisure travellers (families, groups…) are on the other, but in terms of service I think it’s the same.

Seats are real comfortabel armchairs with large headrests and legroom. Each row is made of 3 seats, 1 individual and 2 twin seats with the aisle in bewteen. A choice of magazines and newspapers is freely available at the interconnect areas between each coaches.
A hot meal is served – similar to airline business class meals, with choice of drinks and wine. In my experience they don’t stock much wine so it runs out quite fast – or at least you’re left with little choice. Cofee and tea are available at all time. The staff is usually extremely pro, I have to say, reminding me of some good old times in Air France first. But you cannot escape finding the grumpy steward once in a while.

The Eurostar restaurant coaches 6 and 13 are located at each end of the business class section of the train, so you cannot miss them.

There is no on-board wifi, which for once I find a great thing! Frankly, 2 hours 30 cut off from email is sometimes a good way to focus.



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