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Never try… buying Disney tickets on the Eurostar train

I recently discovered Eurostar sells tickets to Disneyland Paris on board. It’s a very cool idea. They claim you can get tickets for 15% discount, which I think is bizarre but I will try to double check. You can also buy Paris’s metro and London’s tube tickets on the train.

Eurostar sells Disney tickets on board

Eurostar sells Disney tickets on board

As usual my curiosity couldn’t help walking up to the bar coach and ask for more details about Disney park’s tickets. I pretended I wanted a family pass (no clue if it exists…. I just made it up).

Immediate reaction: silence. I could have asked for Yoda’s hair boiled in hoisin sauce… the guys is blank staring at me. But I can see he’s just thinking. Something is ticking. Then he shouts to his colleague in the rear:

“John what was the story about Disney tickets?”

(shouting back) “What?”

“The Disney tickets, didn’t they tell us something about tickets the other day?”

“Uh, never heard of it, look in the blue manual!”

So my guy opens a few drawers and finally pulls out a blue plastic folder overpacked with paper printouts. It must be “the manual”. While he flips page after page I can see photocopies of menus, wine lists, security instructions, Oyster card flyers and a bunch of other stuff. No Disney. Keep flipping… at the obvious other end of the folder bingo! He finds a copy of an ad with Mickey’s big ears and a Cinderella castle, saying something like “Disneyland Paris tickets on board”.

To make the story short, the guy had no clue. He asked me to pass by later on hoping to buy time and ask someone else, but obviously there is something wrong.

I think Eurostar should actually try harder. I can perfectly see the Eurostar bar area as a perfect box office kiosk to buy any kind of tickets for the other end: Disney, theatre, concerts, taxi, metro… I guess the limits today are technical – if they have to revert to paper printouts in plastic folders for instructions.



2 thoughts on “Never try… buying Disney tickets on the Eurostar train

  1. Have you tried again since? Just wondered if there was any improvement since you did this. Looking for the article “Buy pets, tickets and mickey mouse on a train – wow!” or something similar 🙂

    Posted by jo | January 29, 2011, 4:30 pm

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