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Eurostar train Quality of Service

How to recognize rude people travelling on the Eurostar train

Another case of rude person traveling on the Eurostar today.

First, for some reason they still haven’t figured out how to mute the cell phone.

Second, the ring tone is one of those annoying computerized repetitive beeps as the ones that come by default with most phones to force you to change it.

Third, the ring tone volume is set to max.

Fourth, they answer by saying (in French): “Hi, I am in the UK and you’re costing me money, who are you?”.

And last, they go on with their conversation, being overheard by half the people on the coach.



One thought on “How to recognize rude people travelling on the Eurostar train

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    Posted by Nilu | March 21, 2012, 8:03 pm

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