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Eurostar trains to be redesigned by Pininfarina

Eurostar announced last week the appointement of Italian designer Pininfarina to redo all interior and exterior train designs.

This is great news for a number of reasons:

  1. the existing Eurostar trains date back from 1994… and start looking oldish.  Especially the interiors are worn out as we noted in this post about the quality of service inside the Eurostar;
  2. Pininfarina is a landmark name in aerodynamics design, having designed Ferraris, Maseratis, airplanes, speedboats and ski boots… we can only start dreaming of what the new trains will look like (hopefully not inspired from the ski boot);
  3. I was born in Turin, where Pininfarina is located…

The not so good news is that the first redesigned trains will hit the rails only in 2012.

Pininfarina Sintesi

Pininfarina Sintesi




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