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Eurostar new trains with wifi coming soon

It’s coming! It’s coming! The news is out – lots of things announced yesterday but the big one that lots of people have been expecting for a long time is finally announced: wifi onboard Eurostar trains!

The Eurostar website: one step forward and two steps backwards

As a frequent Eurostar traveller, I use the Eurostar website to book tickets several times a month. It’s never been a state of the art site, but over time there are little changes here and there. One of the most important changes was the introduction of print-at-home tickets, who work very well (even using the … Continue reading

I’ve become the Mayor of the Eurostar St Pancras Lounge on Foursquare

I wasn’t expecting this, but after a few check-ins I’ve already become Mayor of the Eurostar St. Pancras Lounge on Foursquare. I guess that’s what happens when you commute frequently on the London-Paris route. The only glitch is that …

Eurostar to the rescue of European flight chaos

Payback time has come. In December 2009, adverse snow conditions had caused a dramatic situation for Eurostar, where several trains lost power and got stuck inside the channel tunnel. Although there were no serious injuries, thousands of passengers got stranded during the critical Christmas season, consumers, media and governments got angry at Eurostar crisis management, … Continue reading

Eurostar Independent Review Report

Following the December 09 Eurostar/Eurotunnel accidents, the independent commission has finally released the “Eurostar Independent Review” (what a funny title, isn’t it?). This is a 90 pages PDF document. It’s also published in French as “L’enquête indépendante Eurostar” (PDF). I haven’t read it in full yet.

Eurostar management seems to have learnt a lesson

I have been very busy personally and professionally to keep following details of the Eurostar accidents, but in the meanwhile I have noticed a couple of personal email letters sent from Richard Brown to all Frequent Travellers. The letters are somewhat fuzzy but they do show a number of initatives and actions being taken at … Continue reading

Eurostar accident: understanding rescue operations

As a frequent Eurostar client, I am much more interested in understanding the rescue procedure/communication issue for my future peace of meind, as I am sure the technical issue will be solved. I have combined information from railforum.co.uk (in particular thanks to Old Timer, boing_uk, O_L_Leigh, captainbigun, EM2 and 91101), other forums and people I … Continue reading

Eurostar failure: user content and web updates to follow

Now that people start getting back home after the Eurostar tunnel failures on Dec 19th and Dec 20th, first hand witness content starts flowing out. (by first hand I mean not edited or reported by media). Here are a few snippets and links to what we could find today around the web, providing more glimpses … Continue reading

Eurostar communication failure: here is a glimpse of what caused it

I already commented yesterday on what I think are the causes of Eurostar communication failure, which have made everything more difficult than necessary for all impacted passengers and families during the tunnel crisis. With today’s information I can focus more specifically on a communication gap between Eurostar and Eurotunnel, the company operating the Channel tunnel.

Appalling Eurostar chief executive interview on BBC

This morning (Sunday Dec 20th) the BBC has broadcast an interview with Eurostar chief executive. I am appalled. 1. The poor guy seems to be there by mistake. Not to be disrepectful, I had flashes of old Mr Bean sketches. What he should have done: be calm, show control of the situation. Not sit back … Continue reading

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