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Eurostar PR fallouts from tunnel incident

Now that everyone is safe and “out”, stories start surfacing from all over. In one word: total PR failure. Obviously the twittersphere and TechCrunch are exposing the twitter viewpoint here. I use Eurostar well enough to know that there are good people working there. In ordinary situations, it is an amazingly well oiled machine. 30,000 … Continue reading

Eurostar disruption causes harsh passenger reactions

Severe weather conditions have caused severe Eurostar traffic disruptions over the night. Apparently, entering warm tunnels from icy-cold weather in both France and UK has caused failures – the root point of failure is not yet known. For the first time in Eurostar history, 5 trains have been stranded inside the tunnel. 3 trains have … Continue reading

Steel toecapped boots plays havoc with metal detectors at Eurostar security

In a recent post about Travel to France, blogger Skud shares a tip when traveling on Eurostar. ” Top travelling tip I learned this time: wearing steel toecapped boots plays havoc with the metal detectors at Eurostar security.  Loved the way the guard there waved his wand all over looking to see what set the … Continue reading

Twitter can win or lose only against Twitter

This post is completely off topic, but as a part-time blogger and long-time internet enthousiast I am starting to make up my mind about Twitter. Twitter happened. Why?

London is hosting the TravelBlogCamp #wtm

This post is a bit off topic but it is just to highlight tonight’s event in London: the Travel Blog Camp. This is a networking event for top travel bloggers held alongside the WTM and organised by Darren of Travel Rants. For those who are in London: Last room availability and best prices for hotels … Continue reading

Pictures of the Eurostar lounge in Paris Gare du Nord

After sneaky pictures of the Eurostar lounge in London, I’ve managed to snatch a few ones during an unplanned long stop in Paris. I prefer taking pictures when there is no one around for privacy reasons, that’s why you don’t see many people. The last picture is my favourite – a full continental breakfast. I … Continue reading

Pictures of the Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

As I mentioned before, the Eurostar lounges in London and Paris are not very useful, because you never arrive early enough to spend time there. With check-in closing 20 mins before and boarding opening 20 minutes before departure, any time-pressured traveller with arrive just at the right time. However, in case of plan change or … Continue reading

Never try… buying Disney tickets on the Eurostar train

I recently discovered Eurostar sells tickets to Disneyland Paris on board. It’s a very cool idea. They claim you can get tickets for 15% discount, which I think is bizarre but I will try to double check. You can also buy Paris’s metro and London’s tube tickets on the train. As usual my curiosity couldn’t … Continue reading

Cheap Eurostar tickets selling for 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP! Rush!

It might be a loading mistake but it works. Even the official Eurostar tariff table does not mention these rates but here we go: you can currently book one-way tickets on Eurostar for only 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP. Today is Aug 26th, these rates are available for trips starting in the last week of … Continue reading

Buying and selling second hand Eurostar tickets

Second hand Eurostar tickets can be purchased and resold on a few web sites. I’ve used this trick several times when my travel plans had to change at the last minute. In most cases I have sold unrefundable tickets that I could not use. In a few cases I have managed to buy last minute … Continue reading

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