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How to recognize rude people travelling on the Eurostar train

Another case of rude person traveling on the Eurostar today. First, for some reason they still haven’t figured out how to mute the cell phone. Second, the ring tone is one of those annoying computerized repetitive beeps as the ones that come by default with most phones to force you to change it. Third, the … Continue reading

Eurostar trains to be redesigned by Pininfarina

Eurostar announced last week the appointement of Italian designer Pininfarina to redo all interior and exterior train designs. This is great news for a number of reasons: the existing Eurostar trains date back from 1994… and start looking oldish.  Especially the interiors are worn out as we noted in this post about the quality of … Continue reading

Access to Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

Where is the Eurostar lounge in St Pancras? It took me 5 good minutes to find it, and I realized other people had the same problem. In fact, access to the Eurostar lounge in St Pancras is just on the right as you exit from passport check from the Business Premier priority gates (the ones on … Continue reading

Eurostar staff said “It’s chaper if you pay in pounds”

That’s right, I had already noticed that Eurostar fares and bar-buffet prices do not seem to change often. Given the recent devaluation of the pound (decreased from around 1.3 to 1.1 EUR, or 15%), it’s cheaper to pay in pounds for Europeans, or viceversa it’s more expensive to pay in Euros for the British. A … Continue reading

Cell phone conversation overheard on the Eurostar

Speaking about using the phone on the Eurostar… I am right now unwillingly overhearing a loud and tough conversation along these terms: “You have done something very bad. I will never forget, if the tables turn around, remember, I don’t forget. I have selected a pool of friends at Credit Suisse and this is really … Continue reading

Eurostar website can be improved

The site usability should be vastly improved… it already has improved since the the beginning but there are still too many issues. As a start, I always find the action button below the fold, even in my 1280×1024 display. I always have to scroll down, and it is a literal pain in the finger. The … Continue reading

Eurostar ticket kiosks in Paris should be improved

The self-service ticketing kiosks at Paris Gare du Nord have horrible software usability. You start on the welcome screen by tapping your preferred language (English or French). The second screen, guess what, asks you to chose you preferred language again. And someone got paid to develop that second useless screen!

No wireless (Wifi) on the Eurostar train, yet

Despite rumours, there is no wifi (wireless network) on Eurostar trains yet. That would be quite useful because due to the speed, the cell phone network keeps disconnecting. At least there is free wifi in the London St Pancras station. Wifi in Paris Gare du Nord is not free, you have to buy some prepaid … Continue reading

Smelly Eurostar coach 5?

Today I travelled in Eurostar coach number 5. It is one of the smart coaches because it’s next to the bar and because every seat has a power plug. However, to my surprise, after the first 25 minutes it started smelling food. Popcorn, pizza… fast food kind of smell. It crossed my mind that this … Continue reading

Duplicate Eurostar tickets don’t work through automated check-in gates

Duplicate tickets issued manually by the reservations desk in case of loss of the original tickets don’t work through the automated gates. You have to show them to the check-in counter.

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