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Eurostar staff said “It’s chaper if you pay in pounds”

That’s right, I had already noticed that Eurostar fares and bar-buffet prices do not seem to change often.

Given the recent devaluation of the pound (decreased from around 1.3 to 1.1 EUR, or 15%), it’s cheaper to pay in pounds for Europeans, or viceversa it’s more expensive to pay in Euros for the British.

A few examples as of April 2009:

  • Cheapest Eurostar fare (Paris-London or London-Paris): 77 EUR or 55 GBP. But 55 GBP is currently equal to 61 EUR. Excluding currency exchange costs, this is a saving of 20%.
  • Coffee: 2.60 EUR or 1.90 GBP. But 1.90 GBP is currently 2.1 EUR, for a saving of 19%.
  • Classic meal deal (sandwich + water + crisps): 8.20 EUR or 6.00 GBP. But 6.00 GBP is currently 6.6 EUR, for a saving of 19%.


One thought on “Eurostar staff said “It’s chaper if you pay in pounds”

  1. I can confirm that is true, I travelled on the train to Brussels for x2 £59 rtn special and if I had bought in Euro it would have cost more. The new services are very fast and I will be using the new highspeed train to get to work everyday. It will cost me £30 more each week but then save me over 5 hours travelling each week?

    😉 Sammy

    Posted by Ashford International Euro tickets | June 30, 2009, 2:59 pm

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