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Test and review of the Eurostar Mobile apps

This is an edited copy of my original post published on Tnooz.    Following the move of many other travel players, Eurostar has released mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. [Android app | iOS app] Pros nice user experience faster interaction mobile boarding passes officially usable! Cons relies too much on network connectivity no … Continue reading

[guest post] How to consistently get London-Brussels or Brussels-London Eurostar tickets for €49 single

This is a cross post from: Jon Worth – How to consistently get London-Brussels or Brussels-London Eurostar tickets for €49 single I’m a regular traveller on Eurostar, and I often travel onwards from Brussels to Germany by train, so much in fact that I am used to booking tickets of DB’s website. In the past … Continue reading

Sites for reselling Eurostar train tickets

Here are two sites were people resell second hand train tickets: – Franceinlondon.com – KelBillet Don’t forget to read the 5 best tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets. And link to the official Eurostar site.  

5 best tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets

I’ve updated the page with my best 5 tips to find cheap Eurostar tickets.

Eurostar to the rescue of European flight chaos

Payback time has come. In December 2009, adverse snow conditions had caused a dramatic situation for Eurostar, where several trains lost power and got stuck inside the channel tunnel. Although there were no serious injuries, thousands of passengers got stranded during the critical Christmas season, consumers, media and governments got angry at Eurostar crisis management, … Continue reading

Cheap Eurostar tickets selling for 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP! Rush!

It might be a loading mistake but it works. Even the official Eurostar tariff table does not mention these rates but here we go: you can currently book one-way tickets on Eurostar for only 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP. Today is Aug 26th, these rates are available for trips starting in the last week of … Continue reading

Buying and selling second hand Eurostar tickets

Second hand Eurostar tickets can be purchased and resold on a few web sites. I’ve used this trick several times when my travel plans had to change at the last minute. In most cases I have sold unrefundable tickets that I could not use. In a few cases I have managed to buy last minute … Continue reading

Eurostar staff said “It’s chaper if you pay in pounds”

That’s right, I had already noticed that Eurostar fares and bar-buffet prices do not seem to change often. Given the recent devaluation of the pound (decreased from around 1.3 to 1.1 EUR, or 15%), it’s cheaper to pay in pounds for Europeans, or viceversa it’s more expensive to pay in Euros for the British. A … Continue reading

Eurostar ticket kiosks in Paris should be improved

The self-service ticketing kiosks at Paris Gare du Nord have horrible software usability. You start on the welcome screen by tapping your preferred language (English or French). The second screen, guess what, asks you to chose you preferred language again. And someone got paid to develop that second useless screen!

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