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Eurostar train seating

5 best office productivity tips ever

I get so many things done in 2 h 20 on the Eurostar, it’s amazing!

Reports, worksheets, presentations, everything gets done very efficiently.

So I started wondering why is it the case? Here are the answers and the conclusive 5 best office productivity tips ever.

The main reason is that I am fully isolated from networks of all kinds, and I don’t have  anyone knocking at the door. I sit down, plug in, open the laptop and I work.

The fact that there is no wifi on the Eurostar can be a handicap, but in this case it’s a big advantate: no network, no e-mails, no Twitter, no Skype.

Plus, there is a constant background noise but no particular events to distract me. So I actually feel like in a bubble and achieve high levels of concentration.

So how could you get more productive in office?

1. Close all browser windows; (or at least close Twitter and Facebook)

2. Close your e-mail client; (or at least turn off any alerts and popups)

3. Close Skype/IM; (or at least set yourself on “do not disturb”)

4. Put your cell phone on silent. (even better if you turn it off).

5. Close the door with a sign “do not disturb”. (it’s old school? well, it works.)



One thought on “5 best office productivity tips ever

  1. On the same lines… check out this fabulous picture: the Bermuda Triangle of productivity.

    Posted by eurostarclient | September 15, 2011, 10:12 pm

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