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5 best office productivity tips ever

I get so many things done in 2 h 20 on the Eurostar, it’s amazing! Reports, worksheets, presentations, everything gets done very efficiently. So I started wondering why is it the case? Here are the answers and the conclusive 5 best office productivity tips ever.

Eurostar failure: user content and web updates to follow

Now that people start getting back home after the Eurostar tunnel failures on Dec 19th and Dec 20th, first hand witness content starts flowing out. (by first hand I mean not edited or reported by media). Here are a few snippets and links to what we could find today around the web, providing more glimpses … Continue reading

Eurostar communication failure: here is a glimpse of what caused it

I already commented yesterday on what I think are the causes of Eurostar communication failure, which have made everything more difficult than necessary for all impacted passengers and families during the tunnel crisis. With today’s information I can focus more specifically on a communication gap between Eurostar and Eurotunnel, the company operating the Channel tunnel.

Eurostar PR fallouts from tunnel incident

Now that everyone is safe and “out”, stories start surfacing from all over. In one word: total PR failure. Obviously the twittersphere and TechCrunch are exposing the twitter viewpoint here. I use Eurostar well enough to know that there are good people working there. In ordinary situations, it is an amazingly well oiled machine. 30,000 … Continue reading

Twitter can win or lose only against Twitter

This post is completely off topic, but as a part-time blogger and long-time internet enthousiast I am starting to make up my mind about Twitter. Twitter happened. Why?

London is hosting the TravelBlogCamp #wtm

This post is a bit off topic but it is just to highlight tonight’s event in London: the Travel Blog Camp. This is a networking event for top travel bloggers held alongside the WTM and organised by Darren of Travel Rants. For those who are in London: Last room availability and best prices for hotels … Continue reading

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