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5 best office productivity tips ever

I get so many things done in 2 h 20 on the Eurostar, it’s amazing! Reports, worksheets, presentations, everything gets done very efficiently. So I started wondering why is it the case? Here are the answers and the conclusive 5 best office productivity tips ever.

Smelly Eurostar coach 5?

Today I travelled in Eurostar coach number 5. It is one of the smart coaches because it’s next to the bar and because every seat has a power plug. However, to my surprise, after the first 25 minutes it started smelling food. Popcorn, pizza… fast food kind of smell. It crossed my mind that this … Continue reading

Traveling with children on the Eurostar

Check-in and boarding with children on the Eurostar is certainly easier and less stressfull than boarding an aircraft. Access is easier, with wide door and alleys. Storage areas are more practical as there is enough room in the overhead areas for many, many bags. There are no particular seating constraints nor seatbelts to take care … Continue reading

Booking the best Eurostar seats

When booking a Eurostar ticket on the Eurostar web site, you can select your seats. This is a very useful feature and after a few trips I have understood a few tipsto enjoy travelling on the Eurostar even more.

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