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Eurostar new controversial logo and website

Reproduction of my original post on Tnooz: Eurostar gets new website, apps and controversial logo. Eurostar has started the deployment of a new visual identity, due to be rolled out across all products including, obviously, the trains.

The Eurostar website: one step forward and two steps backwards

As a frequent Eurostar traveller, I use the Eurostar website to book tickets several times a month. It’s never been a state of the art site, but over time there are little changes here and there. One of the most important changes was the introduction of print-at-home tickets, who work very well (even using the … Continue reading

Eurostar to the rescue of European flight chaos

Payback time has come. In December 2009, adverse snow conditions had caused a dramatic situation for Eurostar, where several trains lost power and got stuck inside the channel tunnel. Although there were no serious injuries, thousands of passengers got stranded during the critical Christmas season, consumers, media and governments got angry at Eurostar crisis management, … Continue reading

Cheap Eurostar tickets selling for 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP! Rush!

It might be a loading mistake but it works. Even the official Eurostar tariff table does not mention these rates but here we go: you can currently book one-way tickets on Eurostar for only 33 EUR or 29.5 GBP. Today is Aug 26th, these rates are available for trips starting in the last week of … Continue reading

Eurostar website can be improved

The site usability should be vastly improved… it already has improved since the the beginning but there are still too many issues. As a start, I always find the action button below the fold, even in my 1280×1024 display. I always have to scroll down, and it is a literal pain in the finger. The … Continue reading

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