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Free wifi (for good) in the Paris Eurostar Business Lounge

They did it! For years, up until last month, anyone wanting to connect to wifi in the Business Lounge in Paris had to request an SFR scratch card to reception, with a limited time 20-minute session. That was hugely time consuming for everyone and often had problems of both quality of service and user experience … Continue reading

Eurostar new trains with wifi coming soon

It’s coming! It’s coming! The news is out – lots of things announced yesterday but the big one that lots of people have been expecting for a long time is finally announced: wifi onboard Eurostar trains!

Steel toecapped boots plays havoc with metal detectors at Eurostar security

In a recent post about Travel to France, blogger Skud shares a tip when traveling on Eurostar. ” Top travelling tip I learned this time: wearing steel toecapped boots plays havoc with the metal detectors at Eurostar security.  Loved the way the guard there waved his wand all over looking to see what set the … Continue reading

Pictures of the Eurostar lounge in Paris Gare du Nord

After sneaky pictures of the Eurostar lounge in London, I’ve managed to snatch a few ones during an unplanned long stop in Paris. I prefer taking pictures when there is no one around for privacy reasons, that’s why you don’t see many people. The last picture is my favourite – a full continental breakfast. I … Continue reading

Eurostar ticket kiosks in Paris should be improved

The self-service ticketing kiosks at Paris Gare du Nord have horrible software usability. You start on the welcome screen by tapping your preferred language (English or French). The second screen, guess what, asks you to chose you preferred language again. And someone got paid to develop that second useless screen!

Duplicate Eurostar tickets don’t work through automated check-in gates

Duplicate tickets issued manually by the reservations desk in case of loss of the original tickets don’t work through the automated gates. You have to show them to the check-in counter.

Ticket kiosk in Paris problem – again

Once again the stupid ticketing kiosks did not work in Paris Gare du Nord. This time, my reservation was found but instead of tickets, I got an error saying “There was a problem printing your tickets, please try another kiosk or go to the reservation desk”. All other kiosks being busy, I went to the … Continue reading

Eurostar booking not found…

The stupid ticketing kiosks today could not find my reservation. I tried with both my usual credit cards and even with the Eurostar Frequent Traveller card, but they couldn’t find anything. Because I never carry the reservation number with me, I had to go to the reservations desk. No problem, they found the reservation there … Continue reading

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