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Duplicate Eurostar tickets don’t work through automated check-in gates

Duplicate tickets issued manually by the reservations desk in case of loss of the original tickets don’t work through the automated gates. You have to show them to the check-in counter.

Ticket kiosk in Paris problem – again

Once again the stupid ticketing kiosks did not work in Paris Gare du Nord. This time, my reservation was found but instead of tickets, I got an error saying “There was a problem printing your tickets, please try another kiosk or go to the reservation desk”. All other kiosks being busy, I went to the … Continue reading

Eurostar lounge in London St Pancras

After weeks I finally had a chance to use the Eurostar Carte Blanche. I arrived at St. Pancras 30 minutes in advance. No line at check-in, security and immigration, and here I am. Access to the Business Lounge is granted just by showing the Eurostar Carte Blanche even when traveling on a cheap and non … Continue reading

In fact, you don’t need the Eurostar lounge so much

I am frustrated with my Eurostar Carte Blanche, I still haven’t got a chance to use it. In fact, my timing is so accurate that I always arrive at the Eurostar station right when the train starts boarding about 20 minutes in advance. That doesn’t let you much time to relax in the lounge. Now … Continue reading

I received the Eurostar Carte Blanche!

Great surprise today! I have received a nice glossy booklet with a Carte Blanche, the premium card for Eurostar Frequent Travellers. According to the booklet this will will give me unlimited access to the Business Lounges in Paris and London, as well as privileged offers on a range of services. I never trust these privileged … Continue reading

Traveling with children on the Eurostar

Check-in and boarding with children on the Eurostar is certainly easier and less stressfull than boarding an aircraft. Access is easier, with wide door and alleys. Storage areas are more practical as there is enough room in the overhead areas for many, many bags. There are no particular seating constraints nor seatbelts to take care … Continue reading

Booking the best Eurostar seats

When booking a Eurostar ticket on the Eurostar web site, you can select your seats. This is a very useful feature and after a few trips I have understood a few tipsto enjoy travelling on the Eurostar even more.

Ear problems on the Eurostar

The Eurostar runs at ground level so most people don’t suffer from any issues at all. However, in particular when crossing the Channel Tunnel, there is a slight change in pressure and I often get “closed” ears that I have to pop. I have heard of a few people suffering from headaches when crossing the … Continue reading

Service in Eurostar Leisure Select and Business Premier classes

Leisure Select and Business Premier classes in fact are very similar once on board. I suspect they manage seat assignments so that business travelers are on one side and leisure travellers (families, groups…) are on the other, but in terms of service I think it’s the same. Seats are real comfortabel armchairs with large headrests … Continue reading

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