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Eurostar train seating

Booking the best Eurostar seats

When booking a Eurostar ticket on the Eurostar web site, you can select your seats. This is a very useful feature and after a few trips I have understood a few tipsto enjoy travelling on the Eurostar even more.
1. All Eurostar trains are made equal: a part from exceptions, all Eurostar trains have 18 coaches, with coaches 6 and 13 being bar coaches, 1-5 standard class, 7-12 business class, and 15-20 standard class.
2. London is on the left and Paris on the right: that’s the idea when booking on the Eurostar web site. The trains never turn around. In Paris, 1 is in front and 18 on the back. In London, it goes backwards with 18 in front and 1 in the back. Easy. This will help you booking seats in the right direction if you are one of those people who suffer from riding backwards.
3. Power plugs: all Business class seats have power plugs, alternating European and UK formats. Individual seats have individual plugs, twin seats have 1 plug for 2. In Standard class, only coaches 5 and 14 have power plugs, also alternating EU-UK. Note that standard coaches 5 and 14 are also just next to the 2 bar coaches, so they are definetely “smart” coaches to book.
4. Toilets: they are located between each coach, except next to bar coaches 6 and 13.
5. Baby changing cabins. There is 1 baby changing room at the back of coach 1 and 18. It is not huge and frankly, I would prefer using one of the seats to avoid banging the baby against the walls in case of shaking. But it all depends on the smelliness of the job, I guess.

Here is a very detailled Eurostar_seating_plan.

To get cheapest tickets, book as early as possible. Check the Eurostar website now for current fares!

If you want to know how to get cheap tickets, read top 5 tips to get cheap Eurostar tickets.



2 thoughts on “Booking the best Eurostar seats

  1. You don’t say how to ensure that the window seat you book isn’t between two windows.

    Posted by David Siddons | August 16, 2014, 1:56 pm


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